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Term 3 Update

Posted by on 1 October, 2019 at 18:25

What a busy term at the karate and indeed a busy year so far! As usual, the end of term is a good opportunity to review how we all went, update you all on what’s going on and setting up for next term. In this update:

• Timetable over the next few weeks

• Instructors

• Programs

• Plans for our karate school

Holiday Timetable

Standard term timetable ends this week and as usual, we will finish with normal classes on Saturday 28th September followed by the grading for those who have been invited. For those who are yet to be invited for their first grading and who would like to know what goes on, please come along after the adult’s class finishes at 11:30am. We’re starting at midday.

As you should know we have now decided that normal classes will continue into the first week of the school holidays up until (and including Thursday 3rd October) with the break only occurring in the second week. As usual, come prepared for a few surprises – we’re going to have some fun and games and we’re also having the mini-sensei week – bring a friend (or many), be their sensei in the class (under the guidance of the Instructor of course) and we will offer them 4 weeks of training and a uniform at the start of term 4 for $49. And of course, if they take that excellent offer up, you will get $25.

Key dates are as follows. Please note these down (the timetable is always up-to-date on the website at

Saturday 28th September Normal classes and grading

Monday 30th September – Thursday 3rd October Holiday classes on normal timetable

Saturday 5th October – Sunday 13th October **HOLIDAY BREAK - NO REGULAR CLASSES**

Monday 14th October Normal classes resume


As we have grown, we are very aware that we need to maintain the student-to-instructor ratio so that every student has access to expert instruction. As such, instructor appointments are key and we’ve detailed the team below.

Ahmed Da’Na – Instructor

Ahmed has quickly become a valued member of the team in only a short time. He is always at training, always instructing and always willing and able to help. Ahmed has recently been promoted to full instructor which is a title that he has more than earnt. Please join us in congratulating Ahmed!

Jonathan Png – Assistant Instructor

Jonathan has recently joined us as an assistant instructor and I am please to introduce him formally. Most of you would have met him but please make sure you say hi.

Jonathan is studying a Masters in at UNSW next year to complement his Bachelor of Medical Science but originally hales from Singapore where he was working as a Laboratory Researcher and (perhaps of more applicability for us) a Martial Arts Instructor in the Singapore Armed Forces. He also holds black belts in Aikido and Taekwondo.

Emily Perkin – Assistant Instructor

Emily is our main Kindy Karate instructor and we’re very proud of her. If you hadn’t realised, she has the privilege of calling Ben and Nikola parents but even if that weren’t the case, she is an excellent instructor so we thought it was high time she was formally introduced. Emily has been engaged in performance arts since she could walk and has a true affinity for engaging young children through movement. Emily is a real asset!

Nitya Mohan – Assistant Instructor

We have decided with Nitya that she will be leaving us as an instructor for now although you may still see her training with us.


The NSW Government’s Active Kids voucher program is a great initiative that was put in place to get kids active. We are proud to be part of that program and as such accept the vouchers in lieu of other ways to pay. If you haven’t claimed your vouchers (there are 2 available, each worth $100), go to Once you have the voucher, just give us the number and we will offset this against training fees. With the Active Kids program and a few referrals, there are one or two families that have never paid for training from their own pockets!

The Junior Leadership Program is off to an exciting start and we are pleased with everyone’s progress. For those of you who don’t know, the program is intended for students aged 10 to 15 years of age who train multiple times a week and who we consider would benefit. It is a structured program and includes training in goal setting, instructing, teams, group management, public speaking and of course karate. It spans a 12 month period and it will ultimately progress the student to instructor level. You will be able to identify our Junior Leaders through their belts which have a black stripe over their grade colour.

Our Referral Program has been running for most of this year however we don’t talk about it as much as we should. If you have someone you think should give karate with us a try, bring them in! We will offer them 4 weeks of classes and a uniform for $49 so they get a chance to experience it first hand. If they don’t like it after 4 weeks, at least they’ve given it a go and they get a karate uniform to keep. Of course as most of you know after 4 weeks they do see a benefit in the training which is why we don’t generally allow people just to come down for one lesson. For introducing a new student though, we will credit YOU $49. It is worth it for you, worth it for the new student and worth it for the school because the new student will most likely be someone we are happy to have with us. Everyone wins!

Our Parents Program has also been running for most of this year. Any parent of a current student can also train for three months for free. We will cover the cost of the training but also of the insurance and association membership. We do this of course in the hope that you will enjoy it so much after the three months that you will join up yourself, remembering that there are family discounts available. If you happen to train for the three months and then decide to stop, we are happy that you will at least have had some basic self defence instruction in case you ever need it - and that’s the whole purpose of the school. We can’t (and wouldn’t want to) make anyone a killer in that time, but even 3 months instruction is enough to make a big difference.

We have started up a specialised Kumite (or sparring) Class on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. This is currently really only available for yellow belts and above but if you’re interested and would like to know more, just talk to one of the instructors. We would like to win some medals various competitions next year too!

Plans for our karate school

We started the school in January 2018 under the (continuing) guidance of the Australian Karate Academy in Brisbane and the Seitokukai in Chiba, Japan. At that point, we only trained on Saturday mornings in the Maroubra Senior Citizens Hall and by March we had a grand total of 1 student who wasn’t a family member (there’s still a chocolate up for grabs for anyone who comes and whispers the name of that student to Sensei Ben after class  - only the student themselves has taken advantage of this fine offer). At that point, the only solid thing we had was a high-level goal to continue the Perkin, McMahon and Mitani family traditions of teaching technically excellent, world-class karate in a positive environment, bringing its benefits to as many people as possible.

We hope you’ll agree that we are achieving this goal and we have built a school all of you should be very proud to be a part of. Coming into this year we put in place a number of goals and we are proud to say that we are achieving them all while still keeping in sight who and what we’re doing it for. We believe that must be because we are doing something right, however perhaps these things can be summarised as follows:

• we always strive to be the best karateka we can be and to teach that to others

• we always listen to our students and parents

• we are always positive with our criticism and free with our praise

• we take the extra time and effort to get it right

• everything we do is professional

That’s all for now. Hopefully you made it all the way to the end of this update and for those who did (as I say, only one person did last time), remember our special prize if you whisper that particular name to Sensei Ben. In the meantime, hopefully you have a restful week off (from the 5th to 13th October) and we look forward to seeing you in the week starting 14th October.

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